Then, slather the body butter or cream over your entire body right after you get out of the shower. Each presentation is a maximum of 5 minutes and consists of 20 x 15 second slides. 2. When he isn't planning Kibin's future, he enjoys spending time with his family and miniature goldendoodle, Pippa. What do we mean by smart and how do you even “get smarter”?. Trust me, this is more challenging than you imagine and it drives an intense need to achieve the answer to what are some obscure but interesting questions. 1. Be smart, get ahead and read a couple of books for fall classes while you soak up that Vitamin D. Reading keeps the brain’s gears moving for solving mathematical equations or, in this case, answering long English essays. Some researchers have found links between consistent (weekly or daily) meditation and an improvement in cognitive function. To stay smart, you need your sleep. Search on something to you want to learn and find a video tutorial or listen to an interesting presentation. Whatever your good intentions, you just know you are going to spend hours browsing the Internet, slouching in front of the TV and plugged into your MP3 player, so just change the focus of what you’re tuning into. The great bonus is that Livemocha is free and there’s 35 languages to choose from. Top Ten DIY Ways to Get Smarter Over the Summer. How To Get Smarter – Discover 16 Fast Tips. ok so im 13, going into 8th grade and am pretty smart. The smart employers recognize that it’s actually bad for the caliber of their employee’s thought to be constantly pecked at like ducks all week long. 3. According to neuroscientists—who need their sleep to stay so smart—sleep deprivation can lead to mental instability, stress, and other health problems. The diversity of opinions and expertise sharpens your brain. ... Read fan fiction. According to cartographers, this mapmaker didn’t skimp out on the details, and the maps shows the true personality of the U.S. Stephen Krashen, professor emeritus of the University of Southern California, says that the very act of writing makes you smarter! You might think you’ll have enough studying to do when you get back to school and you really can’t afford time to learn a new language as well. Game designer Jane McGonigal says that playing smartphone games—like the popular game app Angry Birds—can make you a “more-resourceful problem solver, more collaborative, and less likely to give up when the going gets tough.” So this summer when your mom or girlfriend accuses you of wasting time on your iPad, tell her that you are exercising your brain! Over the summer, you can be very distracted and sometimes even forget about school work! 1 / 1. The trick is to find a theme or topic you’re interested in and post a short entry a couple of times per week. 7 Ways to Get Smarter during Summer Break ... 1. This summer, why don’t you get into the meditation habit by committing to a weekly session of meditation, and see how it helps you? Who knows, maybe you’ll find you have a knack for blogging and will clock in on the top ten most successful bloggers list next year! Here are four steps for a basic ten-minute meditation, and check out this fascinating TEDx talk about how meditation changes the brain. the problem i only get the best grades because i try 50 times as hard. 10 Ways To Get Smarter Over The Break The researchers behind have likewise undertaken studies that show regular brain training can improve student test scores. If you or a family member are hoping for student success in the upcoming semester, now’s an excellent time to get SMART.. To get a jump start on a great academic year, set some college or school goals and make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Framed – SMART.Follow these 5 easy steps and you’ll be on your way. Start you own book... 3. Be smarter about your online time. i want to get prepared for star testing next year because i dont remember any social studies and science from 6 … Read the daily paper. So how to become smarter? Don’t let your gray matter turn into mush. Their brain will work better and harder when their body is getting the exercise and movement it needs! How to get Smarter: The brain is a flexible muscle. One of the ways to get smarter over the summer is to resist the urge to rewatch all episodes of Breaking Bad or the Harry Potter movies back to back (for the 4th time!) Incorporating Learning Into Summer Play To help you make the most out of your child's summer professionals from around the world have put … In a global market, it’s best not to waste three months out of the year worrying about nothing more significant than getting a tan. Just go to to get started. Knowledge is never a bad thing and it will be great to look back and know your summer wasn’t all just about getting a tan and enjoying the company of friends. If you’re still balking at the idea of educational activities when school’s out, Ignite can fuel a passion for keeping your brain in trim. In addition to entrepreneurship, Travis' diverse background includes playing professional poker, trading foreign currency, and management consulting. As technology advances and becomes more prevalent in everyday applications, you never know when writing code will come in useful in your future career or when you start your own business and want to build a website. Many of us harbor a desire to learn a new language and few of us embark on the process. Practice these six fun and easy brain-strengthening tips to keep your synapses firing all summer long. Then spend 15 minutes looking for cute cat videos. Psst... 98% of Kibin users report better grades! We all know the importance of water to our health. According to Psychology Today, "researchers found that a brief period of mindfulness allowed people to … And if you only want to learn a few phrases for your upcoming vacation – that’s fine too. Be used to thinking logically 2. possess as much information as possible 3. We need to complement the certain amount of water to body after a long night, because during the period of sleeping (6-9 hours), our body has not gotten water. To avoid something similar happening on your quest to get smarter every week, make sure what you’re learning this week builds on knowledge acquired in previous weeks. Get a to-go box and -- since most hotels have a small refrigerator and a microwave -- you can enjoy your leftovers for lunch the next day. Pick a body butter or cream formula for best results. Current: Get Smarter This Summer Register Today for Undergraduate and Graduate online courses. Not sure how to read a paper map? i am in all honors classes and get straight A's. But, let’s be honest, you’re probably burnt out from writing all those thesis papers for your Mark Twain-obsessed English Literature professor this year, so we aren’t asking you to spend your summer months re-evaluating your battered copy of Huckleberry Finn. Adequate sleep leads to better brain function and a smarter you. In an act of sheer genius, we’ve come up with ways to stay smart over the summer, without burying your nose in a book of Shakespeare’s plays or memorizing the periodic table of elements. Ready for a summer of fun and brain boosting? four steps for a basic ten-minute meditation, step-by-step guide to making your own spud rocket, playing “brain games” could improve fluid intelligence, wiping out our ability to really take notice of our surroundings, the very act of writing makes you smarter, some quick and dirty tips on how to get your blog rolling. A good example of this is learning a language. Here is a question on how to become smarter, your brain needs 3 things: 1. The best thing about most ways to get smarter is that they’re free. If you’re looking for more geeky ways to get smarter during the summer holidays, go no further than That leaves your meagre student budget... 2. Learn to read a map in six simple steps. Here’s how you can make the best of your summer trips with NoteLedge. Here are some quick and dirty tips on how to get your blog rolling. Cartographers say that relying on GPS systems to get you from point A to point B is wiping out our ability to really take notice of our surroundings. Apply body lotion after you bathe daily for soft, supple skin. Also, don’t miss out on the “Greatest Paper Map of the United States” ever. Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays. So during the summer months, take time to recharge your brain by the skipping all-night partying (at least don’t do that every night), and regularly getting your eight hours of shut-eye. We challenge you to put away your GPS system and break out a paper map to keep your brain sharp! 5 Easy Tips that Will Help You Get Ahead in School // Productive Summer Break 1. Read. If you find the habit leaves you more mentally alert and ready to take on life’s challenges, you can carry it forward into the next school year. Are you taking a road trip or visiting a new city in a foreign country this summer? This will lock in the moisture so your skin is soft and supple. The best thing about most ways to get smarter is that they’re free. Whether you’re a kinetic learner (you learn by doing), or prefer getting your smarts from a book, learning to make stuff or to do new activities, like juggling, can help you stretch and grow your brain. When we say “smart”, it is all about building not just your IQ, or cognitive abilities, but even your creativity, quick thinking, and awareness.. Basically, how to keep your mind and brain growing, evolving and constantly learning.. One of the key elements in doing so is to remember that it’s your mindset that sets the stage. 6 Ways to Stay Smart Over the Summer #1 Get Some Sleep. Flex Your Muscle Bro 4. If you haven’t discovered TED yet, why not? Not sure how to start a blog? Do you have other fun ideas for staying smart this summer? TED Talks. In an act of sheer genius, we’ve come up with ways to stay smart over the summer, without burying your nose in a book of Shakespeare’s plays or memorizing the periodic table of elements. Follow this guide on How to Stay Smart over Summer, so that in September you will not only come back with a new tan, latest clothes, but some refreshed knowledge as well. I am going into 7th grade, and going to take pre-algerbra. Level Up Your XP 3. In 2008, researchers at Columbia University endeavored to prove that playing “brain games” could improve fluid intelligence (the brain’s ability to solve new problems). Here are 10 things you can do to take advantage of summer. CodeAcademy teaches you to write computer code from the beginning. Students who get straight As are also considered smart. Whether you choose a history channel, a natural world/animal channel or even a travel channel, you’ll find a world of fascination awaits you. Switch to one of the documentary channels instead and learn something you didn’t know when you woke up this morning. It’s time to build a potato gun. Websites like Dabble offer short-term courses (as short as an hour) for affordable prices (they have classes under $30) in just about any subject (for example: Glass Blowing, Making Wontons, Composting and a Curling Iron Class). Pump Up the Jam 2. Beach Read. A fun way to keep your writing skills honed, and your brain agile, is to write a blog. Let us know in the comments. Focus on other ways to keep learning over the summer, like reading a lot of books. 1. Finally start that series, all your friends always reference or indulge in a intense Romance novel! For example, you can work on your creative writing. Drink 2 Glasses Of Water Within 30 Minutes Of Waking Up. Normally i get 3,4, or 5 a's and no i am so upset. School might be over for another year but have you given any thought to ways to get smarter during your summer break? It offers a burst of easily-assimilated knowledge or motivation that you can benefit from just by giving up 5 minutes of your precious time. Every online break doesn't have to be about checking social networks and fulfilling your daily ration of cute animal pics. You can also look on for suggestions and actual documentaries. Ignite is similar to TED in many ways except it is in bite-size pieces. Instead of looking up cute cat videos or acoustic versions of your favorite songs, go on You Tube to access its vast repository of knowledge. Not all countries have three months of summer vacation like the U.S. and Australia do. 5 Ways to Get Smarter This Summer There are two things that happen to the brain during the summer: either it gets smarter, or it gets dumber. Draw your routes on the maps and never lose your way in a city. Get a job. If you do this not only will you feel a little more alive, but at the same time drinking this water will help you to not be dehydrated as soon as you start your day. necessary time for students to recharge their brain-batteries, only a quarter of college students are getting the recommended eight hours of sleep. When school picks up next year, you’ll be ahead of your game. How to get Smarter: – 10 Little Thing How to become Smarter. Break out the potatoes, hairspray, and a hacksaw! In a recent study at The University of... #2 Meditate. Travis Biziorek is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kibin. Even though TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is billed as a set of global conferences, don’t let that put you off. Most importantly- keep your kids body moving in the summer! With just a little bit of attention to guiding your child's development over the summer you can help your child develop their best brain. 1. Summer jobs provide far more than pocket money. Just don’t break the neighbor’s window! Plan smarter, travel better. While some scientists claim that “Brain Games are Bogus”—and the abilities you master playing a game won’t transfer well to helping you write a better essay, for example—the study at Columbia University showed that test subjects significantly increased their fluid intelligent scores by playing the game that researchers developed (play it for yourself here). Practice mindfulness to make smarter decisions. June 15, 2016 / by Rosemary Baker. are there any tips for me getting overall smarter including book smart over the summer besides reading. The best thing you can do in the summer is to dedicate some time to academic-type activities.

how to get smarter over the summer

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