A tomato plant (center) growing alongside basil. The small leaves will now grow out in place of the one cut stem between them, and you'll get 2 new stems instead of just one! Put the plant in a pot adding soil as needed. This is great! Pruning them off significantly hurts the plant. Where the base of each leaf meets the stem, you should see another small set of leaves or very small green knobs. It turns out, the way you prune the basil has everything to do with your success in growing it. Tulsi is also called Holy Basil.This plant is mostly used as a medicinal herb for the treatment of many numbers of ailments starting from headaches to cancer. Basil plants will grow quickly in the garden, getting leggy with oversized leaves. Simply use a pair of shears and shape them, not removing more than 1/4 of the foliage at a time. I’ve tried to grow basil tons of times and every time I end up with this long stringy plant with super tiny leaves. The reason to grow buckets of basil is classic pesto, which freezes well in small jars, or ice cube trays. Remember to pinch cleanly through the stem of the leaf, instead of crushing it, for the best results. Those two new branches will create new sets of leaves, and when you prune them again, they’ll create two new branches again. Use sharp garden snips if you prefer. Begin harvesting basil shortly after the seed sprouts and the second set of leaves appear. Identify the spot on the branch where you can clearly see new tiny leaves forming. Leave behind the those with blackened leaves or drooping stems. Meredith is a freelance writer and founder of Backyard Chicken Project, a place for crazy chicken people to gather, learn, and share in their love of chickens. Plant the basil into the new pot. (Coming soon!) As a rule, when pruning leaves and flowers, a simple pinch of the fingers is adequate. In this article, we'll show you exactly how to prune basil the right way so that your basil plant can produce aromatic leaves over and over again! From then until the first flower buds form it will grow lush, tender foliage. Cherry Growing Tips: How to Grow Healthy, Delicious Che... 10 Best Fruits to Grow in Containers or Pots. The small leaves will now grow out in place of the one cut stem between them. Have you ever bought a beautiful little basil seedling from your local nursery, only to have it quickly turn scraggly, tall, woody, and sparse? Simply picking leaves from the top of the plant should be enough to keep your basil under control. If you love everything basil, then you no doubt have a basil plant growing somewhere in your home! If the basil plant is growing vertically, pinch the leaves from the top to encourage lateral growth. Dig up the basil plants that are healthy. You've probably been pruning basil wrong all your life! Every time you prune the leaves from the top of the basil plant, it allows the plant to create two new branches from the spot that you picked. It’s good to do this because you can cut off diseased or pest-infested portions of the plants. When warm temperatures arrive, plant holy basil outside in a prepared bed or container. Use some herb pruning shears to ensure a clean cut. For more detailed information on how to prune your bay tree, see our guide. How should you prune the basil plants? You can grow basil in almost any setting, from indoors to outdoors. Problem is, your basil is just not producing as fast enough as you would like it to! There are as many uses for basil as there are types. They should grow to about 12 to 24 inches in height. Fill in around the soil until the basil is planted at the same depth it was at in the bed and water thoroughly. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. If your basil is planted in a pot or container then the solution is very simple, as you just need to move the pot into an area of full sun and the basil should begin to show signs of recovery. If you love everything basil, then you no doubt have a basil plant growing somewhere in your home! Grow Tulsi in a full sun area, where it gets at least six hours of sun each day and preferably eight to ten hours.Prepare the in-ground garden spot several inches deep, about a foot down, laying a good foundation for the roots of your holy basil. The more often you prune the basil plant, the bushier and leafier it becomes. This post may contain affiliate links. Start pruning the basil for the first time when the leave is large enough. Planting Holy Basil. How to prune basil flowers. Think of it as getting regular trims for your hair – your hair is healthier, and will grow better! A little damage to leaves can be corrected by trimming off the damaged parts. Pruning. If you remove all the ‘solar panels’ at once, your plant can’t get enough energy from the sun to keep growing. (Straight, Stainless Steel Blades), 10 Uses for Thyme - Go Beyond Sprinkling It On Your Chicken, two of the easiest methods for drying herbs at home in our article here, How To Summer Prune Grapevines For Bigger Harvests. Instructions Identify the spot on the branch where you can clearly see new tiny basil leaves forming. It’s best to avoid cutting more than one-third of the plant at one time. It also dries and freezes well so you can have the herb to use all winter long. Cut the middle stem directly directly above the set of small … With basil, pruning and harvesting are essentially the same thing. Do NOT cut the leaves closest to the bottom of the plant, because the basil plant needs a steady base. First, it is more practical to grow basil in a pot if you only plan to use a handful of seedlings. K17A. So now that you know how to prune basil, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to pruning! If the pot is heavy, the compost is too wet, so raise the pot … When you pinch back the stems to the next leaf cluster, you keep the plant from getting leggy and stimulate new growth. Once the flowers are allowed to grow, it stops the plant from greatly producing. Avoid overwatering container-grown herbs by lifting each pot to assess its weight. Before giving your basil a ‘haircut’, wait until the plant has sufficient leaves. Step 2: Cut the Middle Stem Meredith works from her woodland homestead where she spends her days writing, creating animal-inspired art, and chasing after her flock of chickens. You can put basil in bouquets, tisanes, soups, and almost any fish dish.

how to prune basil plants in pots

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