About five miles east of Logan Pass and the Continental Divide, Siyeh Pass forms the saddle between Mt. Along with Swiftcurrent Pass, Scenic Point, and Siyeh Pass, the bells were placed to advertise the local chalets and the Great Northern Railway. The trailhead for Siyeh and Piegan Pass trails is located on the north side of the Siyeh Bend curve just east of where Siyeh Creek flows under the road. This is a difficult Glacier National Park hike but it’s worth it for the great scenery. Siyeh pass has the separate honor of being the highest maintained pass in the park, topping out at 8,100 feet. September 15, 2020 by Jenn. Zoom in or out, scroll, drag, etc. Day 6: Siyeh Pass (9 miles 2,200 feet of elevation gain, reaching an elevation of 7,911 feet). Expecting a high-elevation route, the two passes of Siyeh Pass round Going-to-the-Sun Mountain. At an elevation over 8,000 ft, temperatures can be quite cool, and vegetation will thin into high alpine meadows. Trailhead: Two to choose from at the Piegan Pass Trailhead or the Sunrift Gorge Pullout. Sunrift Gorge 200 ft (61 m) Piegan and Siyeh Pass. Hikers will have the option of continuing up the Siyeh Pass Trail as it ascends the northeastern slopes of Matahpi Peak. Siyeh Glacier, Piegan Pass Trail, Glacier County, Montana, USA - Free topographic maps visualization and sharing. Goat Haunt to Many Glacier. A traverse from Many Glacier to Siyeh Bend. Hiking the Piegan Pass Trail. This Week’s Featured Product! The Highline Trail. Mount Siyeh and Preston Park seen from Siyeh Pass Mount Siyeh, with a height of Elevation Gain – 1,670 feet ; Difficulty – Moderate if going south to north, strenuous going north to south ; Trail Type – Out and back ; Siyeh Pass This has been called the best day hike in Glacier. This direction allows for more downhill hiking than … Begin by leaving your car at the Sunrift Gorge Trailhead and catch the free shuttle to Siyeh Bend Trailhead. Siyeh Pass [a] 4.6 mi (7.4 km) Elevation gain: 2,240 ft (683 m) Trailhead: Piegan Pass Trailhead [b] 5.5 mi (8.9 km) Elevation gain: 3,440 ft (1,048.5 m) Trailhead: Sunrift Gorge Pullout. Visual trail map and elevation profile for my hike to Siyeh Pass and then up the ridgeline east of the pass. Coordinates: 45.14725 -109.91195 45.15393 -109.90176 - Minimum elevation: 8,307 ft - Maximum elevation: 11,825 ft - Average elevation: 10,046 ft Thunderbird Glacier USA > Montana > Wurtz Hill Mile 35: Siyeh Bend Like Big Bend on the west side of the road, Siyeh Bend is a spot where the road loops around, leading to great scenery of the surrounding mountains. This trail can be hiked as an out-and back or loop trail depending on where you want to finish. Swiftcurrent Pass. For even more hikes in Glacier National Park, check out this guide to hiking in the park. Elevation Gain: 0. The Skyline Experience. Two popular day hikes depart from this location, Piegan Pass and Siyeh Pass. … My best backpacking trip in Glacier Park. Another great adventure in Glacier Park. If you happen to visit in late summer, you'll be greeted with a green carpet of well-adapted plants making the most of the brief growing season. Trail of The Cedars. This peak, and its information, has not been verified. Ending/Highest Elevation: 8,110-ft. Elevation Gain: 2,270-ft. From here, you’ll travel through a dense forest of spruce and fir for about 2.4 miles until you reach the junction of Siyeh Pass. Siyeh Pass Hike. This is another of those special trails that you just don't find every day. This is a 9 mile roundtrip option.Or you can extend it to 12.8 miles and hike to Many Glacier Lodge and take the shuttle back. Once you reach Siyeh Pass (elevation 8,080 feet), the view really opens up to the east and to the south, and this change of scenery is very dramatic and jaw dropping. As you look to the north, all you will see is the mighty Mount Siyeh and Cracker Peak to the east (left) side of Mount Siyeh. Editorial staff periodically review all provisional peaks and, as appropriate, move them over to the main peak database. Distance: .7 Miles One-Way. --The Siyeh Pass Trail, breaking 8100', is the highest maintained trail in Glacier National Park. Elevation Gain/Loss: 2,400 feet. Siyeh (10,014’) and Matahpi Peak (9,364’). Distance: 13 mi RT Elevation Gain: … A 10-mile point-to-point trail, Siyeh Pass sees significantly less foot traffic than the wildly popular Highline Trail that runs along the western edge of the Divide. Trailhead: Siyeh Bend on the Going To The Sun Road Distance: 4.5 miles (one way) from Siyeh Bend to Piegan Pass 12.8 miles (one way) from Siyeh Bend to Many Glacier Hotel Elevation Gain: 1,670 vertical feet Elevation Loss: 2,640 vertical feet (If you end up at Many Glacier Hotel) Linking these two high-elevation passes is an unbeatable tour of Glacier's alpine realm. Starting at Siyeh Bend, you cross a rustic wooden bridge and hike through lovely meadows, make your way across creeks and climb rocky slopes. This top-of-the-world hike features incredible alpine meadows and great glacier views. Over the next three-tenths of a mile the trail climbs 200 feet to reach a height of 8100 feet along one of the highest maintained trails in Glacier National Park. Zoom map out to browse nearby hikes & places of interest. Elevation Gain: 683 m (2,240 ft) Beginning at Siyeh Bend, 3 miles East of Logan's Pass, you will follow the bank of Siyeh Creek to Sunrift Gorge, just below the chasm. For bonus trek and a truly breathtaking panorama, huff it up to Swiftcurrent Lookout another 1,200 feet above the pass. Elevation Gain: In this direction (trail is an incomplete loop), elev gain is 670 m (2,200'), elev loss is 1,050 m (3,440'). At about 1.1 miles you’ll be the Piegan Pass Trail junction, where you turn left. Elevation Gain: 200 feet ; Difficulty: Moderate; Trail Type: One-way; Siyeh Pass On the Siyeh Pass loop you get it all – mountain views, tundra, cliffs, meadows and glaciers. The real highlight of … Cracker Lake. Siyeh Pass. Siyeh Pass Midpoint: 2,300 ft total elevation gain over 4.5 miles (9 miles round trip) Sunrift Gorge: 3,484 ft of total elevation gain over 10 miles roundtrip (does not lead back to Siyah Pass Trailhead at Siyeh Bend). 7. Siyeh Pass Hike is a nearly nine mile roundtrip hike that begins in a wood and takes you through and around numerous peaks. Triple Divide Peak and Beyond. This hike is a really quick stop … Siyeh Pass, 10 miles. Descending now, the Siyeh Pass Trail works its way down from its peak elevation via a series of multiple switchbacks. This challenging hike - almost 10.5 miles, more than two thousand feet of elevation gain, about 3,000 feet of elevation loss, three bear sightings, and a hail storm - was an exciting (though sometimes anxiety-producing) adventure. Some of them are quite long, and at times it feels like they will never end. Siyeh Pass, Glacier NP I have hiked the Siyeh Pass trail in Glacier a couple of times, the second of which (1988) was to propose to my girlfriend (unfortunately, now ex-wife) at the highest altitude along that trail. You’ll follow Siyeh Creek for the first portion of the trail. This is a Provisional Peak entered by a registered Peakbagger.com user. Located on a prominent bend on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, Siyeh Bend shuttle stop marks the transition point between the higher elevation sub-alpine vegetation and the forest of the East Side. 11. Map of the area between Logan Pass and Lake McDonald. As you can probably imagine, this is a much steeper hike, especially after two and a half miles of walking when you reach Preston Park. You will travel steep slopes, toothy ridgelines, see gushing streams, blooming flowers, and plenty of wildlife. Hike from Siyeh Bend (a few miles east of the Pass) to Piegan Pass. Sun Point Nature Trail 0.8 mi (1.3 km) Elevation loss: 250 ft (76 m) Trailhead: Sunrift Gorge Pullout Sun Point parking area temporarily closed. 7750 feet, 2362 meters. Siyeh Pass in Glacier National Park actually traverses the pass between Mount Siyeh and Going-to-the-Sun Mountain, circling Going-to-the-Sun Mountain in the process. A brown sign, labeled Piegan Pass, marks the spot. A short distance from Logan Pass, the beginning of the Siyeh Trail follows a stream where, upon a close look, we’ll be rewarded with a different view of stromatolites. Challenging 3.5 mile hike one way from Siyeh Bend Trailhead to start getting views; 1,350 feet of elevation gain to where you'll start getting good views; Hike through an alpine meadow, full of wildflowers, with Piegan Glacier looming above shared by Zach & Julie Ruhl of Ruhls of The Road. Piegan Pass was one of four hikes in Glacier to have had a large train bell at the top. Since the trail drops nearly 1,450 feet over 2.5 miles there is good reason to feel this way. The parking lot here allows visitors to get out and jump on the Siyeh Pass Loop, a strenuous 10-mile hike that runs past alpine meadows and wildflowers. Don't forget your bear spray, and have it at… Total elevation gained: 2,330 feet Siyeh Bend: 5,850 feet Piegan Pass: 7,570 feet Cataract Summit: 8,180 feet An up-to-date guidebook for this route can be found in Climb Glacier National Park, Routes for Beginning and Intermediate Climbers; Volume 1: Logan Pass, The Garden Wall, and Siyeh Bend. It also went along with the old Swiss custom of ringing bells from mountaintops to hear the vast echo.

siyeh pass elevation

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