All transactions are documented through a written contract, which certifies price, surplus declaration (i.e., check against sale of subsistence crop), weight (in order to document/track against historical index within a given community/for a particular farmer), etc. A key player in the masa revival is a company called Masienda, which in 2014 began importing heirloom corn to the United States from thousands of smallholder farmers in Mexico who have struggled to compete with subsidized corn from the United States that began flooding into Mexico in the mid-1990s as a result of the NAFTA treaty. Market demand permitting, those farmers who opt to participate are able to do so at no risk, whatsoever. For this reason, we recommend storing Masienda 5 lb bags of heirloom corn and beans in a cool, dry place and consuming within 30-60 days. A good brand of Masa Harina is from Bob's Red Mill. Restaurants Grind Imported Corn for Perfect Tortillas, Episode 121: Chef Rick Bayless: “I Want the Real Deal”, These 10 Brands Caught Our Attention At Expo West 2018, Masa, Mezcal Reflect Mexico’s Culinary Craft, Masienda Gets Back to Basics with Heirloom Corn Tortillas, These 10 Great Online Specialty Food Stores Have Everything, Shopping Cart: Masienda Bodega corn tortillas, The Man Who Imports Corn (And How He’s Saving Mexican Food), Taco Maria’s Carlos Salgado wants authentic tortillas: That means Mexican maize, Chefs’ Secret For More Flavorful Tortillas? Farmers are then paid directly and immediately, according to previously determined price index, after weight has been measured, pathogen testing performed and any rejected materials have been returned. (Masa harina, the corn flour used for tortillas, has been nixtamalized, or treated with slaked lime to remove the corn hulls, soften it and improve the digestibility of its nutrients.) I finally got around to testing the Masa Harina from Masienda — and I’m glad I did! Many varieties are drought-resistant, and plenty can yield a good crop with 90 frost-free days or fewer. North Bay MARIN COUNTY Point Reyes Palace Market. Episode 647: Mexican Food in America. Companies such as Counter Culture Coffee have created thoughtful, impactful sustainability models in developing communities across the world. Think of it as expressly culinary, not commodity. takadi | Jun 2, 2015 11:45 PM 9. bags of their Masa Harina looks like: 2011 | South Kortright, NY | With each stack of tortillas that we passed and savored, the connection became increasingly clear: genetic diversity, regenerative farming and time-honored technique consistently yielded a dynamic, delicious range of flavors, textures and culinary applications from which to choose. Our masa is a product of Mexico, gluten/dairy free, sourced from non GM seeds and grown away from GM crops. Para Español, lea aquí. It would be our pleasure. In the literal sense, the puff is to table tortilla making what the crumb (immortalized by the “crumbshot”) is to bread baking. 1 cup of flour makes 6 (6 inch) tortillas MASA FOR TORTILLAS: Mix 1 cup of flour (116 gr) with 5.5 oz of luke warm water. In stock, 89 units. In this case, heirloom corn comes from farmer-preserved seeds that have been hand selected for the best flavor and maintained for hundreds (even thousands) of years. Los Angeles curbside pick up available at checkout! Display. Heirloom Corn Basics. Their taco plate features our white corn tortillas. To achieve this kind of end-to-end harmony is to live in the puff. Despite our best attempts to become fair-trade customers and collaborators, the “leading” fair-trade certifiers have declined our requests, citing the following reasons: “Thanks for reaching out. Read More. With this philosophy in mind, our vision is to build a new kind of masa value chain, from scratch. As consumers, ourselves, hungry for a holistically-deeper connection to our food, we saw an opportunity to do things differently. 4.7 out of 5 stars 348. In lieu of a formal certification program, Masienda has developed a comprehensively equitable approach to sourcing standards, since its founding.
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